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Waterfront and Seaview Holiday Rental Apartments in Villefranche-sur-Mer

At Riviera Experience, we want you to feel as comfortable here
as you do in your own home.
Our holiday apartment rentals include our personalized service.

The hillside village of Villefranche sur Mer
Rental Apartment Locations
Map of the South of France
From the map you can see how close and well positioned Villefranche is to everything along the Riviera: the beautiful Port and Old Town of Nice is just a few kilometers away (and a lovely walk if you would like), while Monaco and the Italian border aren’t much farther (easy by bus or train). Going just a little farther brings you to historic Antibes, chic Juan les Pins, and glamorous Cannes (all easy train rides from Villefranche), while the famous art village of St. Paul de Vence and the perfumiers of Grasse are just beyond (and both reachable by bus). You won’t need a car to enjoy all these places as our bus and train public transport is excellent and inexpensive — and often faster and easier than driving.

Come explore our nine beautiful rentals...

On the Waterfront

Everyone says "Wow!" when they enter the apartment. You are overwhelmed by the color of the bay, the sunlight streaming in, and the bright, cheerful feeling of the apartment.
Whether sitting or laying down on the sofa or sitting at the dining table, this is the view. The buffet stores dishes plus the Smart TV (with English and French stations), stereo system with Bluetooth and inside and outside speakers.
When you live at Petit Bijou, you will always have the French doors open and live part of the time on the balcony as it constantly pulls you out into the scene. You live inside and outside, even in the winter. The electric sun awning covers the entire balcony, thereby offering you plenty of sun protection.
The living room has a dining table for four, a sofa, an armchair and footstool. From either the dining table or the sofa you have spectacular views of the bay, even when laying down reading a book. The sofa is a great place for a little nap or daydreaming away. You are mesmerized by the views.
You are looking from the dining area to the bathroom door, front door, and small hallway that leads to the bedroom. In the small hallway is a little office tucked behind the living room wall.
The little office is a comfortable place to work or a nice place to store your electronics. There is WiFi, a phone line with free international calling, plenty of outlets for your devices and a few desk supplies. Just beyond you can see the bedroom.
The bedroom has an excellent queen-sized bed with lovely, crisply ironed white linens, down pillows, and cotton blankets in summer and down duvets in the winter. There is beautiful lighting, all on dimmers, plus reading lights on both sides of the bed.
The bedroom has a lovely window that you can look out at from the bed. This is the view from the window of the pretty little square called Place du Conseil. The room has a large closet with plenty of storage for hanging and folded clothes, plus storage for suitcases.
You enter the apartment at the back of the yellow building. The apartment is on the 4th floor but because you enter in the back, quite a bit up from the waterfront, you actually enter the building on the 3rd floor so only have one flight of stairs to get into the apartment. It is a very quiet part of the old town.
Petit Bijou is located on the second floor from the top, just below our Waterfront Penthouse. It is a landmark building in Villefranche which has been painted and photographed throughout the ages, many of which are in museums.
In order to show you the panorama of the view, we had to do it in three photographs. This first is facing the beach and the cliffs, the Maritime Alps, that plunge to the sea. There is a table for two, although you can accommodate guests with two folding stools, plus there are two sun loungers.
As you turn through the 180-degree view, you are now looking at the end of the beach and the beginning of Cap Ferrat. Cap Ferrat and Cap de Nice are what form the bay. The bay is famous, through the ages, for being very protected, hence makes it an excellent place for swimming.
Turning further, you now look out to the tip of Cap Ferrat and the mouth of the bay. It is lovely at night to watch all the lights on the bay and Cap Ferrat, including the beautiful lighthouse. Just beyond the mouth of the bay, the sea is one mile deep, making the bay an important area for marine research.
The galley kitchen has one of the best views ever, plus it's adjacent to the balcony. Although small, it is very efficient and well designed. At the far end of the kitchen is the sink. We provide excellent pots and pans, knives and knife sharpeners, and all the utensils for someone who loves to cook, plus excellent storage.
Although the refrigerator is small (under counter), it does have a freezer. Plus, there is a grocery store, traitteur (deli / prepared foods), green grocer, butcher and boulangerie just 150 meters away. People here shop daily for fresh food and we hope you'll enjoy doing that too.
The kitchen includes a gas stove, electric oven, dishwasher, microwave, excellent lighting and great storage. We think you will love cooking in this kitchen and preparing meals or delicious aperitif items to enjoy on the balcony.
The spacious bathroom includes a window with one of the "best views from the loo" as our British friends say. There is a large sink with lots of counter space, a mirrored cabinet with lots of storage for toiletries and excellent lighting.
There is a soaking tub with a shower. The washing machine is also located in the bathroom. The dryer is a clothesline off the balcony — we think you'll love sun-dried laundry, just like the French ladies do.
On the waterfront, with panoramic views of the entire bay of Villefranche, from the beach to the mouth of the bay, including all of Cap Ferrat, sun-filled apartment with balcony and two large sea facing French doors that bring the outside in.Select your dates
Located on the waterfront of Villefranche with panoramic views of the bay, this historic building is the most iconic in Villefranche and appears in postcards and paintings throughout the ages. The Penthouse is the top floor apartment. You enter the building in the back, on the 3rd floor, so easily accessible.
You arrive to the main room and are greeted with breathtaking views and a feeling of spaciousness and light along with a very pretty décor. Upon arriving, all our guests remark on what a beautiful and comfortable space it is.
From the main living space, three French doors lead onto the wraparound balcony. Sun streams in all morning until early afternoon. You are captivated by the ever-changing colors of the bay and light on the beach and Cap Ferrat.
This photo only captures part of the 180-degree, panoramic view from the Penthouse. You are continually pulled out onto the balcony from the three French doors as the view is constantly changing. From this perch you can see everything, yet have complete privacy. It’s unique.
To protect you from the sun and heat, these charming French door shutters provide coolness and create a Venturi effect with the little openings to draw in the air and create a soft light in the room. A clever design of shutters from the region.
Another way to protect yourself from the sun is with the large sun awning (all-electric so easy to deploy). The artwork in the apartment is all original art of paintings of Villefranche through the ages. This painting is of this very building and was painted in 1893. We stumbled upon it in a gallery in Paris!
The kitchen is a very high-end gourmet kitchen with every item you could want, including top quality sharp knives, for those who love to cook. All top brands: gas stove, microwave, large refrigerator and freezer, dishwasher. Sun streams in all afternoon from the back windows of the apartment.
A charming view from the kitchen and downstairs bedroom of the little square below that has a small fountain, bench and streetlight with a lovely double stairwell that encircles it. The fountain has cool potable water and is an original water source for the village.
Looking to the back of the apartment, you see the hallway that leads to the guest bedroom and bath, the stairs that lead up to the master bedroom suite, and the stairs that lead up to the apartment from the front door.
The guest bedroom has a charming window facing the beach and cliffs, with a double bed with two night stands and reading lights. It is a cozy bedroom with lots of light, an excellent mattress and linens.
The bedroom has a second window looking over Place du Conseil (same view as from the kitchen window) plus a built-in armoire that provides plenty of hanging and shelf storage for clothes and shoes.
The downstairs bathroom includes a sink with a mirrored cabinet with excellent lighting, good counter space and plenty of storage for toiletries.
The downstairs bathroom has a stall shower and toilet, plus an exhaust fan that vents to the outside.
The master bedroom suite includes a queen-sized bed, closet, dresser, armchair and ottoman. The bathroom is directly to the right upon arriving to the master suite. Although the master bedroom is open to the room below, it is private for dressing.
Whether laying down or sitting up in bed you have fabulous views of the turquoise blue waters of the sea below. The armchair and footstool are very comfortable for reading or even leaning your head back for a little nap while enjoying beautiful views of the sea and room below.
The master bath includes a sink with plenty of counter space and excellent lighting and plenty of storage for toiletries. There is a large soaking tub with shower. A storage closet provides plenty of storage for suitcases.
The view at night is mesmerizing. You will enjoy having your evenings stretch late into the night and it is hard to pull yourself away from the balcony or sofa as it is so beautiful and mesmerizing as the lights dance on the bay. It's magical! Paradise!
The office area is at the end of the main living space and has great views while sitting and working away. Our guests love this workspace. Opposite the desk (not visible in this photo) is a bookshelf area with a phone, plenty of office supplies, books, binoculars and outlets for all your devices.
Located right on the waterfront, in one of the most photographed and historic buildings of Villefranche, with a 12-meter-long balcony and panoramic views, from the lush cliffs that plunge to the bay, all along Cap Ferrat and out to the entrance of the bay. Great location, luxurious comfort.

The Heart of the Old Town

The charming view from Le Beau Balcon includes the Bay of Villefranche, Cap Ferrat and the pedestrian street of rue de May that is lined with colorful medieval buildings that cascade down to the sea. The apartment and balcony are filled with sun until late afternoon, even in the winter.
This photo is looking down the charming pedestrian street of rue de May as it descends the hillside to the waterfront. You will love looking down onto this little medieval street as it is beautiful and quite entertaining as you observe village life unfold. The balcony is well above the street below, ensuring privacy as people stroll by.
Upon entering the apartment you are struck by the views and the light streaming in the French doors that lead to the balcony. The décor is charming and very comfortable and includes lovely antiques and original artwork from local artists. The living room has a sofa, two armchairs, coffee table and reading lights.
Beautiful handmade cement floor tiles, popular 150 years ago throughout Europe (and again now), compliment the furnishings along with the original hand-made molding on the high ceilings. Two French doors lead onto the sun-filled balcony. Linen curtains and shutters provide privacy and an elegant feel, especially in the evening.
On one side of the living room area is the entertainment closet and the office. Above the entertainment closet is a painting by a local artist of the nearby village of Menton. His wife’s painting, featured over the sofa, is of an exquisite olive tree on their olive farm just over the border in Italy.
Little French doors hide an office and entertainment center. There’s a Smart TV (with English and French stations), and a music system with a Bluetooth connection. The office has a desk, bookshelves, great lighting, WiFi, a phone with free international calling, and plenty of electrical outlets for your devices.
The dining table seats four comfortably and can squeeze six. The ‘confiterie’ (food cupboard) is well equipped with with a nice assortment of tableware so you can enjoy dining or entertaining.
The kitchen has a gas stove, electric oven, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, granite countertops, plenty of storage, and very nice pots, pans and knives (sharpened regularly). It’s equipped for someone who enjoys cooking using the delicious fresh products available locally.
The hallway leads to the bedroom, bathroom, and half-bath, and has a closet for coats, market baskets and suitcase storage. There is lots of convenient storage for luggage, clothing and other items in the apartment.
The bedroom has an excellent queen-sized bed with white cotton linen, down and foam pillows, down duvets in the winter and cotton blankets in the summer, two night stands with reading lights, an antique chandelier and more original local artwork. The windows have both linen curtains and blackout curtains.
The bedroom closet includes plenty of hanging and drawer space, and shoe storage. The bedroom is directly off the hallway, and immediately to the right of it is the main bathroom.
The main bathroom has a large marble counter, excellent lighting, lots of storage for toiletries and a large mirror. The washing machine is in the bathroom, under the counter, and the dryer is a sunny clothesline, just outside the bathroom window.
The main bathroom is quite spacious and has a wonderful soaking tub with a shower, a toilet, a heated towel rack, and hooks for robes and other items.
The second bathroom off the hallway is a half-bath with a toilet, sink and a large mirror. In addition, there is a utility closet where the ironing board, iron, broom and cleaning supplies are conveniently stored.
From the balcony you have a beautiful view of the sea and the village. It's a great place to enjoy a meal or something to drink, even in the winter. At night, the view is so romantic with the beautiful lights from the boats and villas on Cap Ferrat and the glow of the Old World lanterns of the medieval village.
The balcony has a café table with two cushioned chairs. Two folding stools can be added to entertain guests. You access the balcony from the two French doors in the living room, making it easy to sit at either side of the table. There is an outdoor light for evening dining.
Le Beau Balcon is the second balcony (highest) from street level. The first balcony is our Artist’s Atelier apartment, and the top floor is our Sur le Toit apartment. The building faces the sea and is looking down the pedestrian street rue de May. These apartments are a one-minute walk down the hill to the sea. The building faces south-southeast.
The bay of Villefranche is formed by the Cap of Nice to the west, and Cap Ferrat to the east. This view is from the Cap of Nice, looking east, onto the town and bay of Villefranche and its kilometer-long sandy beach. Across the bay is Cap Ferrat, then the Bay of Beaulieu sur Mer, Monaco and Italy. It’s a great walk from the apartment to this viewpoint and only takes one hour roundtrip.
Located in the heart of the village with lovely views of the bay and the village from the balcony and main room of the apartment. Great location, convenient to the waterfront, beach, shops, restaurants and public transport.Select your dates
When you enter Chez Nous, this is the view. Two large French doors bring the view in throughout the apartment whether napping on the sofa, sitting at the dining table, or cooking in the kitchen — you are always pulled into the panoramic, yet intimate view of the bay and Cap Ferrat. There are two flights of stairs (one inside) to arrive to the living room of the apartment from street level.
We had to take three photos to show the full panorama of the view from Chez Nous. The photo is looking towards the beach of Villefranche and the magnificent cliffs above that plunge to the sea. Chez Nous is the penthouse apartment in a small building with two other apartments.
Everyone gasps when stepping into the apartment as the view is breathtaking and filled with sunshine and light with beautiful cathedral ceilings. The bay is so close that you can hear lines being pulled in on the yachts. This part of the view is looking directly across the bay to Cap Ferrat. Evening it is stunning with the light from the village, boats and street lanterns.
The third photo is looking out to the lighthouse and the entrance to the bay and the blue Mediterranean beyond. You will not tire sitting on the balcony and watching the day go by. There is a sun lounger and an awning for sun protection. The balcony is very private and quiet as it is on the rooftops.
Two French doors lead onto the balcony. The balcony table is large enough to comfortably seat four people for dining. The inside dining table can comfortably seat six, all with fabulous views of the bay. Original artwork from local artists compliments the décor. The evening ambiance is enhanced by the artistic lighting throughout the apartment, all on dimmers.
The living room can comfortably seat six people or easily accommodate two for a nap while staring out at the fabulous views and basked in sunshine. There’s a great music system with inside and outside speakers, and a SmartTV with English and French stations plus Apple TV with an extensive movie library. Plus excellent reading lights in all the right places.
The large kitchen (five meters long) is fully equipped for someone who loves to cook. There is a gas stove, dishwasher, microwave, quality knives, knife sharpener, pots and pans, food processor, soup mixer, hand mixer, etc. There is a large coat closet, and around the corner the laundry/furnace closet.
There is a comfortable antique kitchen table with two chairs to enjoy a light meal in the kitchen or keep the cook company. From the kitchen you enjoy the views of the bay plus to the back of the apartment where you peak into the private walled gardens of our neighbors. All of our guests love this kitchen.
The master bedroom has a queen-sized bed with an excellent mattress and night stands with reading lights. The bedroom features lovely cathedral ceilings and an ensuite bathroom. There is an antique armoire and dresser providing excellent clothes storage. AC in the bedroom.
Two large French windows provide lots of sunshine and light with charming views into secret walled gardens across the quiet, little pedestrian street called Baron de Bres, otherwise known as the garden street. The bedroom has AC.
Here you look down into one of the beautiful walled gardens. From the street level you would have no idea there is such a lovely garden inside the stone walls — like a secret garden.
The ensuite bathroom has two sinks, excellent lighting and storage, a wonderful soaking tub and a stall shower. There is also excellent lighting and mirrors plus an exhaust fan that vents to the outside.
There is an excellent soaking tub for those who love a bath and also a stall shower. The soaking tub has wonderful arm rests so you can enjoy a long bath and read or just relax and meditate.
There is a custom-made stairwell leading from the main floor to the mezzanine. It is a piece of art in itself. To access the stairs you pass one of the two desk areas. The other desk area is in the mezzanine. Behind the desk is the laundry/furnace closet.
Arriving in the mezzanine you are surprised how spacious and light it is — with its three skylights. Even a 6’ 2” (195 cm) person can stand up with no problem. There is a queen-sized bed (that can be separated into two twin beds), and a desk. Reading lights are on both sides of the bed. No AC in this bedroom.
The mezzanine bedroom is very comfortable. You will find lots of storage for clothing, an ensuite bathroom and plenty of privacy from the living space below, plus great views through the skylights while laying in bed.
The upstairs bathroom has a skylight, excellent lighting, a stall shower, plenty of counter space and storage for toiletries. From the skylight you can see the beautiful verdant cliffs that plunge into the bay.
The view from the mezzanine to the main room below is beautiful yet also private for dressing or coming out of the shower. You are, however, open to noise from the main living space below. The views from the skylights are also beautiful.
One pedestrian street up from the waterfront, this apartment has panoramic views of the bay, from the beach to the entrance of the bay including all of Cap Ferrat, and a large sun-drenched balcony.
This is the view from Sur le Toit overlooking the rooftops to the bay and Cap Ferrat. Sitting on the window seat is a great way to spend a few hours from this private perch. You can watch the comings and goings of village life on the street below. This apartment is especially popular with guests who stay for long stays and come every year.
When you arrive to Sur le Toit, you are welcomed by this bright spacious room with cathedral ceilings, skylights, sunshine and beautiful views of the bay and village. The main room includes a fully equipped kitchen for someone who loves to cook, a dining area and living area. The cathedral ceilings, skylights and stone walls give this apartment a very spacious, beautiful, Old World feel.
The dining area features an antique oak library table with seating for six to eight. A window seat looks out to sea and across rooftops to other village views. The painting, by Jean-Michel Eckert, one of Villefranche's most well-known artists, is an old scene from his youth, of local villagers selling garlic and onions at Place de la Paix.
The living room features a comfortable sofa, two armchairs, a coffee table and great reading lights. The Sicilian painting is part of a series of Ulysses’ voyage home to Ithaca. The beautiful stone walls are over 600 years old. The stairwell to arrive to the apartment is to the left, in a turret-like part of the building.
In between the two windows and window seats is a lovely antique buffet that houses the stereo system, Smart TV and DVD player. The buffet unit also serves as a convenient bar. The dining table is a great place to sit and enjoy a meal or curl up with a book and have little nap. There are two reading lights on either side of the day bed.
Here is the view sitting at the window seats or from the sofa looking over the rooftops to the sea and Cap Ferrat in the distance. At night, the lights on the bay are magical plus the beautiful villas across the water are all lit up.
A hallway leads from the main living space to the back of the apartment. Off this hallway is an office, a half bath, and then at the end, where you can see a window, the master bath and the master bedroom. Skylights fill the apartment with bright light and fresh air.
The master bedroom has a sunny window overlooking rue Volti, a charming pedestrian street where many locals live. The original artwork includes this painting, the view from the top of Mont Boron overlooking Villefranche and the bay. You can enjoy the beautiful hike to this spot, just an hour round-trip from this apartment's front door. You'll see all the way to Bordighera, Italy!
The master bedroom has an excellent queen-sized bed, beautiful linen, plenty of closet and storage space, two bedside tables with reading lights, an armchair, and lighting on dimmers that create a lovely ambiance in the room.
The master bathroom is ensuite to the bedroom but can also open to the main hallway of the apartment.
The master bath includes a soaking tub with shower, a toilet, a sink with plenty of counterspace and storage for toiletries and a lovely mirror with excellent lighting.
This photo shows the sink and mirrored cabinet in the master bath which provides plenty space for toiletries. Outside the window is the clothesline to dry your clothes, although there is a drying rack inside if you prefer. The window overlooks the charming pedestrian street below and provides wonderful fresh air and a cross breeze for the apartment.
The half-bath has a toilet, sink with plenty of counter space, and the washing machine and furnace. The half-bath is off the main hallway, across from the office area.
The office is nicely tucked away into a closet (behind the door that's just a bit open). There is WiFi, a fixed phone line with free international calling, and plenty of outlets to charge your devices. The desk is large, has excellent lighting, and plenty of shelves and storage. It's a great place to work and stash all your electronics.
You are looking down rue Volti, where Sur le Toit is located. It is the second building in on the right, pale yellow, with plants growing up the first floor wall. You enter the building here. We own all three apartments in this building. Rue Volti is a lovely pedestrian street with many local families still living here. You'll enjoy the sounds of village life.
Next to rue Volti is rue Baron de Bres and our lovely neighbors in their mid-90s, still living independently in their own apartments! They even cook their own meals! They say the secret to longevity is the stairs!
Villefranche from the waterfront. Beautiful, colorful, 600-year-old buildings that cascade down the hillside to the sea. You will never tire of its charm and beauty.
A scene of local life at our little marina, the Darse. The boat scene on the bay of Villefranche is constantly changing, very exciting and fun, and beautiful.
On the top floor of a medieval building, with charming views of the bay, Cap Ferrat and the little pedestrian street below, this sun-filled apartment with cathedral ceilings and ancient stone walls make for a wonderful living environment
The Artist’s Atelier has a great location and lovely views of the village and the bay, with Villa Rothschild framed on top of Cap Ferrat. It is a lovely, artistic view looking down one of most charming pedestrian streets of the Old Town of Villefranche. It has an open floor plan and is filled with bright sunlight from morning to mid-afternoon.
Upon entering this apartment you are impressed with a spacious feeling and sunlight pouring in. Guests enjoy the fun, eclectic furnishings, and original art from local artists. Two French doors lead to the balcony.
The living room has a sofa, reading lights, and from the sofa you can enjoy the view looking down the pedestrian street, lined with colored buildings, all the way to the sea. It is a lovely place to relax and enjoy the view. At the left is the entrance to the office.
The Atelier is a large, open-floor plan apartment. You can see the bedroom area from the living space, which is partly separated from the dining and kitchen area. The apartment is spacious, filled with color and lots of sunlight.
The dining area opens onto the balcony and is filled with sunlight until mid-afternoon. From every vantage point there is a lovely view — down the charming, medieval village street to the sea, or around the apartment which feels like an art gallery.
The kitchen features a gas stove, oven, full refrigerator, dishwasher, granite countertops, and quality pots and pans and serving dishes. It is well equipped and designed for someone who loves to cook.
The bedroom is separated somewhat from the main room, as it is behind the kitchen. There is a superb queen-sized bed, two night stands and reading lights. The bedding is all very high quality with down and foam pillows.
The bathroom is ensuite to the bedroom area. The closet is well designed with lots of hanging and drawer space. In addition, there is plenty of space for suitcases, coats and shoes.
The bathroom has a good-sized sink, counter, towel warmer and convenient storage for toiletries. Also, there is excellent lighting, and a good exhaust fan.
The bathroom and shower are large and well lit. The shower has a convenient space for shampoo and other shower necessities. There are plenty of towel racks and hooks for robes and plenty of storage.
The office is a great little work space, very well laid out, with a large desk, bookshelves, and a window. It is a great place to concentrate and be productive. Although connected to the main room, it is located behind a thick stone wall so is very quiet. There is WiFi and a phone line and plenty of outlets for your devices. Our guests love this workspace.
The dining table on the balcony is for two, but there are two folding stools so you can invite friends to enjoy coffee or aperitifs on the balcony.
From the balcony you will love the charming view of colorful tall buildings cascading down the pedestrian street to the sea, plants everywhere, cats sleeping on windowsills, and people strolling about their daily lives. Although the sea view looks very small in this photo, in real life it appears much more prominently.
Looking up at the building, the Artist's Atelier's balcony is the first one.
We own all of the apartments in the building. You enter the apartment on the street behind (rue Volti), so you only have two steps into the apartment. This building is frequently photographed as it is quite striking and beautiful when you walk up the street.
The apartment is entered on Rue Volti, another pedestrian street in the Old Town filled with local villagers with wonderful families. You will enjoy seeing families come and go and children playing on the street.
Villefranche is still an authentic fishing village where some residents in the Old Town still fish for a living, although not many can still afford to do it. They sell their catch to the restaurants as well as the public. Pictured here are two retired locals out for a little spin in the bay in a pointu, the traditional fishing boat.
Part of the view looking down from the balcony. Always entertaining with people hanging out the windows watching the day go by, and cats sitting perilously from highly perched windows. (Can you find the cat in the window?)
Looking down the pedestrian street at night during the Christmas holidays. The whole village is decorated with warm, cheerful lights and the Old-World lanterns cast a beautiful, medieval glow throughout the village.
Spacious, sunny, open-floor plan apartment with two French doors that lead to the balcony with charming views of the bay and a beautiful pedestrian street lined with colorful medieval buildings. Great location for beach and shops.

At the Beach

The view from Plage Privée is stunning! A 200-degree panoramic view, from the beach to the tip of Cap Ferrat, across the entrance of the bay to the Cap of Nice and then the Old Town of Villefranche. Locals and newcomers all comment on its beauty. It is famous for a reason. You'll appreciate it every day.
Entering the apartment, you are struck by the stunning view and the décor and terrazzo floor. You feel as though you are at the helm of a ship. The front hallway leads to the main area of the apartment — the living room, dining area and kitchen.
The living room area leads directly onto the terrace — a seamless inside / outside space. Nearly every day of the year you can open the doors to the terrace for at least several hours, even in winter months. The terrace and the apartment are basked in sunshine. The apartment and terrace face south.
The living room includes a sofa for 2 or 3, an arm chair and ottoman, and day bed right next to the window which is a perfect place to curl up with a book or take a nap with the sun streaming in. You are so close to the water's edge you can actually see the fish swimming in the sea. There are excellent reading lights plus lovely ambient night lighting, all on dimmers.
The dining area includes the iconic tulip table with six tulip swivel chairs. Everyone loves this table and it is very comfortable. Behind it is a custom-made buffet in black lacquer holding all the dishes, glasses and serving platters. It is a pleasure to prepare and enjoy meals in this apartment.
The kitchen is equipped with everything for cooking. Clients say “you have more things than in my own kitchen!” Items include high quality pots, pans and knives, knife sharpener and every useful kitchen gadget you could want.
The living room also includes a large flat screen TV with French stations, English SKY TV for English speaking stations, Apple TV which includes our library of hundreds of films, an excellent stereo system with Bluetooth and indoor and outdoor speakers, WiFi, and free international calling.
The terrace has a dining table for ideal for four but can squeeze six. There are four arm chairs (with cushions) for dining plus two folding chairs to accommodate six people. Two sun loungers and four aperitif arm chairs will let you enjoy pulling up to the balcony railing to watch the waterfront action. There is a gas barbecue and a large sun umbrella.
A large French door leads from the master bedroom to the same terrace that connects to the living room. You can see the sea from the bed, whether sitting or laying down. And you hear it too, even on the stillest of nights.
The bed is queen sized, and there’s lots of closet space for clothes, which include full length mirrors for dressing. The ensuite bathroom is the door next to the closets. The bedroom has AC. We have excellent linens, beds and pillows.
The spacious master bedroom is a lovely place to relax. When laying in bed you can see and hear the sea lapping the shores. You can sleep with the windows open if you want to hear the sounds of the sea as you sleep.
The master bathroom includes a large walk-in shower with a window looking out onto the back garden. The window is tinted for complete privacy, but it can open to allow fresh air in when you want.
The toilet is tucked conveniently in the corner of the bathroom. The large vanity offers plenty of counter and storage space for toiletries and excellent lighting.
The guest bedroom features a double bed and an ensuite bathroom. The room’s primary window faces the back garden. There is lots of closet space for clothes. The artwork is vintage posters of travel scenes.
The guest bedroom’s second window opens onto the main room of the apartment, thereby providing it with a view of the bay. The window is reflective glass so you can see out from the bedroom but not in from the living room. The desk offers a great working space, with a view!
The guest bedroom’s bath is large and has a lovely soaking tub, a shower within the tub, plenty of counter and storage space for toiletries, and a window to the back garden. And there is a full length mirror for dressing.
On the terrace you’ve got front row seats to the constantly changing scene on the bay, with dining chairs, sun lounging chairs, comfortable sitting chairs, sun umbrella, and barbecue. It’s fully equipped for relaxing in comfort, day or night.
Across the street from the apartment is the beach of Villefranche, one of the loveliest beaches on the French Riviera. You will love to wake up and go right down to the beach for a morning swim. It gives you the most incredible buzz — you'll feel fantastic all day.
The view from Plage Privée is stunning! A 200-degree panoramic view, from the beach along the bay to the tip of Cap Ferrat, across the entrance of the bay, and to the Old Town of Villefranche. Locals who have lived here all their lives and newcomers here for a holiday all comment on the beauty of this bay. It is famous for a reason.
When you open the door, this is the view that greets you, the bright blue sea of constantly changing colors and texture and sun streaming through the apartment all day long (there is a sun awning for protection), and AC if you feel too hot but most people love the sea breeze.
The swivel / reclining chairs with cushioned foot stools are incredibly comfortable! It's a perfect place to read or stare out to sea while enjoying a coffee or glass of wine, and maybe even a nap! Double sliding glass doors disappear into the wall so the inside and outside terrace become one space. This is the ultimate Zen place. Stress melts away within minutes.
The large balcony is very spacious (5 meters). The dining table can accommodate two or four people, and there are two comfortable folding chairs. There are also two sun loungers.
The kitchenette is very well designed even for someone who loves to cook. It has an induction cooktop with a vent hood that exhausts to the exterior, an oven, the largest under-counter refrigerator made, plenty of storage for dishes and food, excellent knives, and lots of counter space especially given it is a small kitchen. And what a view while you cook away!
The large built-in armoire is very efficient. There is an armoire-lit (Murphy bed) and two closets and drawers on either side for plenty of clothes storage plus a dressing mirror. The Murphy bed is a real bed with a box spring and thick mattress. It is easy to open and close thanks to an hydraulic hinge.
When open, the double bed has storage for your personal items (phone, book, etc.), plus reading lights and four down pillows and two firmer reading pillows. You don't need to unmake the bed in order to close it, just leave all the linens in place and close the bed with the easy-to-operate hydraulic hinge.
When sitting or laying in bed you can see the sea and also the TV. The Smart TV has English and French stations, plus you can log into your own Netflix or other accounts and easily connect your devices as well. The inside dining / coffee table is the perfect height for enjoying a meal while relaxing in the super comfortable swivel chairs.
The 5-meter-long terrace has room for two lounging chairs plus the dining table. It is bathed in sunlight most of the day, even in winter (until 3:30 pm). There is a sun awning when you want a bit of sun protection. There are two armchairs for the dining table and two folding chairs for friends.
The bathroom has a stall shower with a spacious niche for soap and shampoo. The sink includes a cabinet with excellent storage for toiletries and a lighted mirror.
The bathroom has a window facing the back garden, an exhaust fan and a heated towel rack. There is additional storage for toiletries and towels. It is small but very well designed.
Mornings are always calm and very special. You will love to swim when you first wake up. You’ll become addicted, even if you aren’t a swimmer. Try it once and you'll be hooked. (Notice the swimmers in the sea.) This view is looking out over Cap Ferrat and the entrance to the bay.
Viewed from the waterfront, Beachfront Bliss's balcony is the second down from the top floor on the right side of the photo, adjacent to the enclosed terrace with pillars. Entry is to the right of the building around the back, through a garden.
This view is from the beach looking at the building where Beachfront Bliss is located (to the left of the pine trees). You can see that it is literally at the entrance to the beach. It is an excellent location, walking distance to everything, and just steps from the train station.
Here you see the full length of the beach of Villefranche. It is one kilometer long and the faces south, as does Beachfront Bliss. It is also stunning at night with the beautiful street lights reflecting on the sea.
Villefranche's beach is so lovely. I especially love it in the mornings as it is quiet and calm, the sea is generally still like a lake and the water's crystal clear. You'll feel very safe on the beach or when swimming and you will be in awe of the beauty.
A night view from Beachfront Bliss of the lights on Cap Ferrat and the pretty boats lit up on the bay. It is truly mesmerizing. You'll enjoy long, lingering evenings with an aperitif, winter or summer, while staring out to the bay.
The crystal clear waters are stunning. In the morning you will enjoy seeing fish looking for their breakfast while you take a morning swim. The bay is nearly always glassy calm, and one kilometer wide — the perfect place to swim.
A local village festival at Mardi Gras is called the Bataille des Fleurs (Battle of the Flowers). The local fishing boats decorate their boats with wonderful flower arrangements and then parade in front of the quai where visitors wait for them to throw flowers at them. It is a beautiful site and a charming festival.
The view from Beachfront Bliss is stunning! It is a panoramic view from the beach, all along Cap Ferrat, across the whole bay, and over to the Old Town. And it is constantly changing, always beautiful. You are bathed in sunshine nearly the entire day — even in the winter.