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Long-term Stay Programs

Consider one of our apartments as your "home away from home" in the South of France without the hassle of home ownership.

Medium- or Long-term Rental Program

Did you always want a “pied a terre” in France but didn’t want the hassle of purchasing an apartment, remodeling and furnishing it, dealing with ownership, maintenance, utilities, neighbors, not to mention worry while you are away?  Many of our clients consider our long-term holiday rental apartments their “home away from home” in the South of France, and return every year to the same apartment, and frequently in the same season, as they make friends here with others who come in the same season.  We even store some of your belongings so when you return, things feel just like when you left.

Why a medium- or long-term holiday rental program might work for you:

  • You’ve thought about moving to France but want to “try it out” first.
  • You are ready for a transition in your life and need a change of place to make it happen.
  • You are a digital nomad and want to try working remotely in France for a while (we have fiber wifi, 10 mbps upload speed).
  • You’re working on a project and need a change of pace and creative space to work.
  • You want to live a healthier lifestyle and enjoy a Mediterranean diet and learn about French culinary culture.
  • You are an athlete and want a great training ground (many Tour de France riders come here to train, including Lance Armstrong who used to live here).
  • You want to explore Europe over a period of months and need a great base.  Nice is France’s second largest airport and you can fly anywhere and everywhere in Europe and a number of other places beyond as well.  Plus there are excellent train services and highways.

These are some of the reasons our clients have chosen to rent one of our holiday rental apartments for a longer term or choose to return each year for their annual season in Europe.  It’s an easy way to make your “home away from home” your reality in the South of France.

We offer special discounts for customers staying for longer periods of time, and our rates include everything: all linens, utilities, storage of your personal items, etc. We can also receive shipments of your belongings if you prefer to travel light and they’ll be in your apartment before you arrive.

So, if you have ever wanted to live abroad for part of the year, consider our long-term option as it enables you to have your own home abroad but without the risk, expense, or hassle of owning it yourself.

Generally speaking, we offer a 10-15% discount off our weekly rates for stays of one month or longer; however, we can sometimes offer a bit more of a discount.  Please contact us for monthly and longer term rates at

Our pages About Villefranche and Things to Do will give you an idea of how you can create a life for yourselves here.  We hope to make it easy with a place to live that feels like your own home.