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French Language Study

There are a number of excellent French language study options located in Villefranche and next door in Nice.

Institut Français

Located on the hillside of Villefranche for over 60 years is the world-acclaimed French language institute called Institut de Français ( It offers a month-long, intensive program of conversational French study. As an immersion program, it’s focused on conversation as well as grammar drills but always with an emphasis on getting you to speak. Even with very limited French, after a month you will be able to carry on basic conversation. It is an excellent program and a wonderful life experience. We were both students when we first arrived to Villefranche and can attest to the quality of their program – both for learning French and for making lasting friendships. A number of our customers attend this world-renowned French language school.

The Institute is located between the Basse Corniche and the Moyenne Corniche levels of town. Their property has beautiful views and gardens and is equally accessible to the Col of Villefranche as well as the Octoi, or Basse Corniche level and the Old Town. (see About Villefranche Map).

Riviera Experience apartments are located primarily in the Old Town of Villefranche. We have four on the waterfront and four within the heart of the village, and one, a villa apartment, located on the hillside near the Institute. All our apartments are within an easy walk to the Institut. The Institut program begins on a Monday and we encourage our guests to arrive on Saturday so you have a bit of time to get settled in and learn your way around the village before school begins on Monday morning. We’ll even walk you to the school to show you the easiest way. And all of our apartments are very well equipped to ensure you have a wonderful living experience while learning French and experiencing French culture.

Personally, I feel staying in the village when you are at school is the best option as that is where all the shops, restaurants, bars and public transport are located and where village life unfolds. The hillside is beautiful and there are some lovely shops at the Col of Villefranche, above the Institut, but the village is where it’s all happening. If you stay in the village, after school, you can easily shop or meet fellow students for a drink or a bite to eat and you are just a few steps from home, whereas if you are on the hillside you have to walk down to meet up, then back up after dinner, and you’ll be tired from a long day at school.

If you are doing private tutoring, the instructors all live in the village, and will meet you at your apartment or at a local café, whatever you prefer. If you are going to Nice for lessons, the village is definitely the better place to live as you are so close to the train station (a 5-minute walk).

Private Tutors

Raphaël Tirintino & Aude Fauché

We teach French as a Foreign/Second Language, with a Masters degree in teaching the French language and culture to non-French speakers. We have been teaching for 20 years, both internationally and at the highly acclaimed Institut de Français in Villefranche-sur-mer. We started our private practice in 2009 in Villefranche and work one-on-one with students who visit Villefranche, or wherever they are in the world via Skype.

Our private classes focus on grammar, conversation, comprehension, and drills. We believe our oral method is particularly effective as it is built upon a wide range of experience that we have gained by observing and teaching people from all kinds of backgrounds all over the world. We help people become conversational even with the most basic of vocabulary. We work one on one or in small groups, such as couples or friends who have the same level, when you are visiting Villefranche, or via Skype when you are away.

Please contact us at: or to learn more about our program and rates.

Café Crème — A Reading Workshop with Monique Simonin

My learning method is playful, simple and effective, as one learns well only through joy and pleasure.

I propose to take you on a cultural journey through reading French literature. A book will be chosen, matching your level (except for beginners), taste and interests.

An escape into the world of literature, provides a holistic French learning experience where one becomes familiar with the written form of the language, corrects pronunciation; enriches vocabulary and improves grammar and conjugation.

Café crème is a pleasant and enjoyable way to improve and practice our beautiful language. I look forward to preparing and supporting you on your journey!

Please contact me at:

Language Schools in Nice

There are two primary language schools in Nice, the world renowned Alliance Français ( and France Langue ( Both are excellent and provide people with various options including half-day and full-day classes and week-long or longer programs. They are both very easy to get to from Villefranche via the train. From the Nice Ville train station, just a 5-minute train ride away, you walk 5-10 minutes and you are at either of the schools. Afterwards, you can enjoy spending the rest of the day in Nice and have lunch at one of Nice’s many fabulous restaurants.