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The South of France has become a major food mecca for France. Chefs from all over France have flocked here.

The Restaurant Scene

There are a plethora of restaurants in Villefranche and the two neighboring villages of Beaulieu sur Mer and St. Jean Cap Ferrat, and of course Nice which is the king of them all. You’ll be challenged to take in all the best ones in your time here, and you’ll enjoy them all.

One point about all French restaurants, it is good to reserve, even if at the last minute. If you are walking by and you haven’t reserved and you like a place, you might ask if you could reserve and return in 15 minutes. They always appreciate you asking to reserve. And for some of the popular places, you’ll need to reserve in advance of the day you want to go. The really popular places have begun a two-seating evening, which we don’t particularly like, but they just have to do it because they are so popular. Most French restaurants don’t do a two-service seating in an evening as they expect you will want to come and enjoy the evening without feeling rushed.

Villefranche Restaurants & Bars

Overview of Villefranche Restaurants & Bars Most restaurants in Villefranche are in the Old Town and on the waterfront. There are a few, however, at the Octroi level and one at the Col of Villefranche, and a couple at the marina area called La Darse. You might enjoy starting with an aperitif in one of a number of bars /...
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Beaulieu sur Mer Restaurants & Bars

Overview of Beaulieu sur Mer Restaurants & Bars Beaulieu is a lovely town just a few minutes away from Villefranche.  It is part of the Commune of Villefranche (one of the six charming villages that make up the commune).  In addition to restaurants and cafés, there is a daily fresh market on the main square of town and a large...
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St. Jean Cap Ferrat Restaurants & Bars

Overview of St. Jean Restaurants & Bars The village of St. Jean is small and sweet and right on the Port. There are two levels, the upper level where there are a couple of boulangeries, a butcher and three restaurants, and then the lower level, directly on the Port where there are five or six restaurants, plus some nice shops...
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Nice Restaurants & Bars

Overview of Nice Restaurants & Bars Nice is a fabulous city, not too big and not too small. There is a lot to explore in addition to the well-known Promenade des Anglais (the coastal promenade that runs along the full waterfront of Nice) and the Old Town. Nice is a friendly and easily accessible city and just minutes from Villefranche...
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Private Beach Restaurants

Overview of Private Beach Restaurants & Clubs The private beach restaurant experience in Europe is fabulous!  Having grown up on beaches in California and on the east coast of the US, we just don’t have this sort of thing.  Maybe it exists in other parts of the world.  But in Europe, it is a rather unique European “standard” feature on...
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