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Nice Restaurants & Bars

Nice is a fabulous city, not too big, not too small and so many fantastic restaurants to explore. It is a new food mecca in France.

Overview of Nice Restaurants & Bars

Nice is a fabulous city, not too big and not too small. There is a lot to explore in addition to the well-known Promenade des Anglais (the coastal promenade that runs along the full waterfront of Nice) and the Old Town. Nice is a friendly and easily accessible city and just minutes from Villefranche by train or bus, or even by walking (a gorgeous water’s edge path). There is a plethora of delicious restaurants that take advantage of the abundant produce and fresh food the area has to offer.

Nice has so many delicious restaurants that you couldn’t exhaust them in a month. You’ll find some are so delicious that you have to go back a second, third and fourth time – you’ll want to be a regular. So here are some we have been to, but there are many we have not.  As we become friends with some of the regular ones we go to, we frequently go back again to enjoy their good food and see our friends.  And since we can’t eat out every night, we don’t get to try them all.

Old Town of Nice

Bistro d’Antoine:

Cave de la Tour: Great wine bar with excellent aperitif plates (suitable for a light dinner).

Bar des Oiseaux: One of our favorite restaurants, owner Armand is a fabulous restauranteur and owns this, Bistro d’Antoine, Cave de la Tour, Peixes, and part of Comptoir du Marche.

Peixes: Delicious food, charming decor.

Comptoir du Marche: Delicious food, charming decor.

Oliviera: Delicious food, amazing olive oil, super personable owner Nadim.

Olive et Artichaut: Excellent food, small restaurant.

Chat Noir Chat Blanc:

Le Safari: Very good food and great setting to watch the activity on Cours Saleya.

Center of Nice

Café Lea: Stunning food, good value, across from the Old Town and the Promenade du Peillon (the lovely park that divides the Old Town from the Center of Nice), on rue Giofreddo. Tel: +33 (0)9 83 56 57 59.

La Parte des Anges: Great wine and food.

Le Canon: Great food, near Promenade and Negresco Hotel.


Racines: The same Michelin star chef that started Hostellerie Jerome and Café de la Fontaine in La Turbie (one of the villages of the Commune of Villefranche) started this vegetarian restaurant to honor the delicious produce of the area. Reservations a must.