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Shops, Markets & Necessities

One never tires of food shopping in France. So many delicacies to try and everything is close by.

Food Shopping & Other Necessities

Shopping for food in the South of France is a great pleasure! There is such a fantastic variety of cheeses, fruits and vegetables, breads, tapanades, and so many new delicacies that you probably don’t eat regularly at home.  Part of the fun of a holiday here is to go food shopping.

There are a number of various shops in Villefranche and the neighboring villages of Beaulieu sur Mer and St. Jean Cap Ferrat. You will find most everything you need in Villefranche but if not, for sure in Beaulieu or in Nice. Everything is very close by and easily accessible on public transportation or by walking. This section will be divided into what’s available in the three villages of Villefranche, Beaulieu and St. Jean.

As you probably are aware, France, in fact Europe, is famous for its fresh markets. We have a plethora of markets to choose from and feel incredibly fortunate and spoiled for choice. They are listed here by village, as every village has one, even the tiniest.  If we haven’t mentioned a particular village you’re interested in, you can simply visit the tourist office website for that village to find out when the market day(s) are there.

Villefranche Shops & Markets

Overview of Villefranche Shops & Markets Our clients love Villefranche’s shops and markets! There are three basic shopping areas of Villefranche: the Old Town, Octroi (Basse Corniche level) and the Col of Villefranche.  They all offer a variety of excellent and useful shops.  Plus, Beaulieu sur Mer, St. Jean Cap Ferrat and Nice are a short walk or bus or...
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Beaulieu-sur-Mer Shops & Markets

Overview of Beaulieu-sur-Mer Shops & Markets Beaulieu is constructed on relatively flat land and is not a medieval village.  It was built approximately 120 years ago and is mostly a Belle Epoque village when European aristocracy began to develop this part of the Riviera.  Prior to that, it was a poor, tiny fishing hamlet attached to Villefranche.  But today it...
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St. Jean Cap Ferrat Shops & Markets

Overview of St. Jean Cap Ferrat Shops & Markets St. Jean Cap Ferrat is also a “new” town, dating back about 120 years when European aristocracy started to develop the Cap. Prior to that, it too was a tiny, poor fishing hamlet that was attached to Villefranche. You would not necessarily make a point to go shopping in St. Jean...
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Nice Shops & Markets

Overview of Nice Shops & Markets Nice has great shopping and you’ll enjoy exploring it all.  Nice’s shops and markets are all walkable and easy to get to from Villefranche.  There is the “new” part or central downtown which includes the Ave. Jean Medecin (where the tramway runs), the pedestrian area at Place Massena where you’ll find Galleries Lafayette and...
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Antibes Shops & Markets

Overview of Antibes Shops It is easy to get to Antibes from Villefranche. You will take the train which takes about 30 minutes, then it is an easy 5-minute walk from the station into the heart of the Old Town.  In the Old Town there are many shops and restaurants, plus a charming architecture to explore that is quite different...
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Cannes Shops & Markets

Overview of Cannes Shops & Other Activities Cannes is just beyond Antibes on the train so easy to get to from Villefranche.  The train station is right in town, just 3 short blocks from the waterfront.  The town of Cannes is a large town, or small city, but very easy to get around.  There is a small Old Town that...
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St. Tropez Shops & Markets

Overview of St. Tropez Shops St. Tropez is a great place to visit, high, medium or low season.  However, in high season, it can be a zoo so be prepared, but it is really a fun scene. You can get there by taking a ferry from Nice.  You will need to purchase 2 round trip ferry tickets if you want...
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