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St. Tropez Shops & Markets

St. Tropez is a fun day trip, but a better overnight stay, just 40 nautical miles from Villefranche by boat, or a nice train and ferry ride away.

Overview of St. Tropez Shops

St. Tropez is a great place to visit, high, medium or low season.  However, in high season, it can be a zoo so be prepared, but it is really a fun scene.

You can get there by taking a ferry from Nice.  You will need to purchase 2 round trip ferry tickets if you want to spend the night otherwise you have to travel the same day which only leaves you a few hours to explore.  You can also get there by taking the train to Ste Maxime and then a ferry across.  This is less expensive and also enables you to purchase just one ticket going and returning.  Ste Maxime is just across the Golfe de St. Tropez from St. Tropez which is about a 20-minute ferry ride.

The town of St. Tropez is small and relatively easy to explore.  There is terrific shopping and not all of it is crazy prices so if you go, and want to shop, check it out.  The marina is quite a scene.  You see the huge luxury boats pulled up at the quai-side which are somewhat mind-boggling and entertaining.  The famous Pampelone Beach is a few kilometers from town so you will want to take a taxi.  If you go to the beach, you might want to reserve a place for the day at a private beach club to really have the full experience.  A lot has changed in this last year as the town of St. Tropez and the provincial power of Ramatuelle re-auctioned the beach restaurants so the only one that is sure to survive is Club 55, but the others have to bid a new contract and it is unclear who will win those as of this writing.

You won’t regret purchasing a pair of Sandals Tropezienne from Rodini a famous sandal place that hand makes the sandals while you wait.  They fit your foot like a glove and are really nice and not terribly expensive (about 100 euro per pair).  They are just off the Port and easy to find.  They have sandals for men and women.


There is a great market in St. Tropez so if you plan to make a day or overnight trip, it is worth taking in the market. Their market is on Tuesday and Saturday. For more information on St. Tropez visit their tourist office site.