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Beaulieu-sur-Mer Shops & Markets

You will find additional shopping close to Villefranche in Beaulieu.

Overview of Beaulieu-sur-Mer Shops & Markets

Beaulieu is constructed on relatively flat land and is not a medieval village.  It was built approximately 120 years ago and is mostly a Belle Epoque village when European aristocracy began to develop this part of the Riviera.  Prior to that, it was a poor, tiny fishing hamlet attached to Villefranche.  But today it has a rather bustling town center with a number of practical (food and necessities) and smart (clothing and decoration) shops.  Our clients really enjoy shopping in Beaulieu’s shops and markets.  Shopping is very efficient, pleasant and walkable so you can take care of many errands quickly or leisurely, enjoy a refreshment in a café, and then walk or hop on the train or bus to return to Villefranche.

Many of our guests enjoy walking there as it is a lovely walk along the waterfront and only takes 20-25 minutes. One gets a bit of morning exercise while also enjoying the daily fresh market and a coffee in a café on the square.

Food Shops

Beaulieu has the largest grocery shop in the area (other than Nice). It is called Marche Super U.  There is another one near the beach of Beaulieu as well but not nearly as large.  Marche Super U is a very good grocery shop and you will find more than anything you could need there. All of our apartments have grocery carts or baskets so you can easily carry back your purchases. Marche U also delivers.  If you decide to walk to Beaulieu, you can take the train back when you are loaded down as the train station is literally about 10 steps from Marche U.

There are other shops to enjoy in Beaulieu including three butchers, a couple of traitteurs (prepared foods), and a delicious homemade pasta shop.

There are two boulangeries and three patisseries in Beaulieu. They are all excellent, superb in fact.

Lastly, there is an excellent fresh market every day of the week on the main square on Blvd Marionini.  It is larger on Saturdays.

Clothing, Souvenirs & More

There are many enticing clothing shops on the main street (Marionini) as well as the side streets, several home goods shops, an excellent kitchen shop, and more. There are two hardware shops in Beaulieu, and several pharmacies. It’s a place you will enjoy exploring. The train station has an excellent Presse where you can purchase a large variety of foreign newspapers and magazines.


Beaulieu-sur-Mer Markets are open every day on the main square on Blvd Marionini.