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St. Jean Cap Ferrat Shops & Markets

Enjoy a coastal walk to St. Jean Cap Ferrat and shop, or go for lunch and then walk or take the bus back.

Overview of St. Jean Cap Ferrat Shops & Markets

St. Jean Cap Ferrat is also a “new” town, dating back about 120 years when European aristocracy started to develop the Cap. Prior to that, it too was a tiny, poor fishing hamlet that was attached to Villefranche. You would not necessarily make a point to go shopping in St. Jean as Beaulieu is more practical, closer and has more variety. However, if you are going to St. Jean for a walk (a great thing to do) or for lunch, there are a number of nice shops to visit (necessities as well as indulgences).  It is one of the finest coastal walks you’ll ever do, stunning either morning, afternoon or evening.

You can get to St. Jean either by walking along the magnificant water’s edge path that begins right at the beginning of the beach at Beaulieu.  You would walk along the beach of Villefranche, then down the little lane that leads to the entrance to Cap Ferrat, and down the little hill to the beach of Beaulieu where you pick up this beautiful path (see our walking guide).  It is about a 1.5-kilometer walk into the village.

Cafés & Restaurants

When you arrive in the village, you will see a few cafés and restaurants, a lot of real estate agencies and some shops.  Continue walking along the small main road and you will continue to see shops and restaurants and then you arrive at the Port.  You turn left and follow the road around and now you walk along the water’s edge of the marina where there are additional shops and restaurants.  Just before you begin the walk along the marina, you’ll see the grocery shop on your left.  There are three boulangeries / patisseries, a butcher on the main (upper) road, before you turn left to go down to the marina walk.