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Antibes Shops & Markets

Beautiful medieval city on the sea, easy to visit from Villefranche on the train, just 30 mins away.

Overview of Antibes Shops

It is easy to get to Antibes from Villefranche. You will take the train which takes about 30 minutes, then it is an easy 5-minute walk from the station into the heart of the Old Town.  In the Old Town there are many shops and restaurants, plus a charming architecture to explore that is quite different than Villefranche because it is more provencal than Italian.  The “new town” of Antibes blends next to the Old Town.  There is also a large marina of pleasure boats in Antibes which is fun to explore as you will see some amazing boats.  Plus there is the Picasso museum to explore, although not a lot of his work is there.  It is a lovely day trip from Villefranche.


There is a wonderful market in Antibes and worth the journey as Antibes is also a nice place to visit for the day. The Saturday market is the fullest but the rest of the week is also quite nice.