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Map of Nice, France

This map of Nice will help you understand how small and walkable a city Nice is.

Map of Nice, France

Nice is a great city for walking and exploring.  Most of the areas you will explore are on the flat areas of Nice, although Nice is a city full of hills.  The Maritime Alps plunge right to the sea in Nice.  Other than a couple of museums, all of the cultural and tourist areas are in the flat areas, along the sea and inland from the sea a few blocks.  Public transport is also excellent in Nice.

The shopping areas of Nice are illustrated on the map of Nice we have included below.  They include the main shopping areas and the main market areas.  There is a tramway that leads through the areas you will want to explore.  The tram costs 1.50 euro per ride although you can hop on and off within an hour.  But it is also a lovely area to just walk.

To get to Nice from Villefranche you can take the train, which is maybe a 5-minute train ride and you’ll get off at the second stop (Nice Riquier is the first and then Nice Ville).  Or you can take the bus which will bring you to the lovely Port of Nice.  All of our apartments at Riviera Experience are conveniently located for you to get to Nice.  Plus, as Villefranche is so close to Nice, you’ll enjoy coming home to a little village after a day in the city.