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Bike Riding

Riders flock to the French Riviera to ride, but you have to like climbing — it is mountainous!

Some Pointers for Cycling Around Villefranche

If you enjoy riding bikes, this is a cyclist’s heaven, apparently. We don’t really ride bikes but my brother who is an avid cycler says this place is fabulous for riding. He likes to climb! There are several places in Nice and one shop in Beaulieu where you can rent really good quality road bikes. There is Café Cyclist which offers guides as well for touring. Although the coast is somewhat urban, within a couple of miles (literally no more than that) you are on beautiful country roads meandering through the Alpes Maritimes, which are the part of the Alps that descend to the sea. We can recommend a couple of bike shops that can do quality road bike rentals as well as rentals of electric bikes. Both of these shops are close by to Villefranche and easy to get to.

  • Café Cycliste in Nice is a lovely café, shop carrying bike clothing, and place to rent road bikes. They also offer organized bike rides and have a really great topo map of the surrounding area so you can see all the mountains and valleys and roads to explore. It is extensive. There is a reason a lot of the Tour de France competitors come here to train (and live).
  • Camellini in Beaulieu is a bike shop where you can rent quality road bikes as well. The owner was a professional cyclist.