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Area Tours

Exploring the area with a trained tour guide, with them at the wheel, is a great way to learn about the area.

Overview of Some Tour Options

Inspiring Cote d’Azur

Inspiring Cote d’Azur is a local tour agency based in Villefranche. It is owned by Sandra Ottaviani who speaks excellent English and offers superb tours in her very comfortable Volvo SUV (can hold up to 6 people). We have taken all of them and every time I’ve learned so much. I thought I knew a lot already about the area and the places we visited but I really learned so much more on her tours.  The tours are mostly one full day (8-9 hours) with a great lunch stop. There are one or two half-day tours as well (4 hours).

The prices for the tours range from 350 euro to 800 euro.  It’s best to contact Sandra directly for a quote for your specific group based on how many people you are and what you want to do.  She is very flexible to customize tours for specific areas of interest.  She is from the area and used to be the Director for Tourism for Villefranche.  She has a lot of local knowledge.  Her website gives a brief description of the tours, or you can email or call her directly. She is very helpful, and we highly recommend her. Her tours are excellent value plus, you will learn so much about the area that you could not easily do on your own. She is not just a driver; she is a properly trained guide of the area.

France Azur Excursions

This is another local tour agency based on the border of Nice and Villefranche (at the Col of Villefranche). Fouad Zarrou is the owner of this wonderful boutique tour company. He speaks fluent English, French, Arabic and Spanish and is a passionate culture and sports enthusiast. He has a number of different tours, and a wonderful van. You can take one of his standard tours, or he can customize a tour for your specific interests. We highly recommend Fouad’s tours.

Nice by Heart – Tours of the City of Nice

Celine O’Donnell is such a knowledgeable and charming person and loves her city of Nice. If you really want to learn about Nice and all of its beauty, charm and fabulous little tucked away places, you’ll want to go on a tour with Celine. She is lovely, and we highly recommend her tours.